Raids on pub and imp side!

Caim a posted Mon at 11:34

The Warriors Council and Dark Warriors Council!

So i have been looking into some ideas to get some Hardmode ops going on both side but first of al i wanna see who wants to really raid.
I want people that want to raid not people coming in the ops and destroying it for everyone i am not saying we are goin to be a hardcore guild or anything this is just to get the guilds orginized so everyone can be happy and get some ops done.
Every week we will have different kinda ops these ops will be scheduled on the guild site registering on it will take you 5 seconds not more.
The People that register will get there place on the ops group people that dont sign up they might get a invite when we need people for the ops if you dont get a invite and get someone else that didnt sign up please dont get upset you will be able to raid on the next raid!.
This way we can see who really wants to join for ops!!
And when you sign up like for 8 man ops and we have more then 8 man signed up the leaders will pick there choice who comes or not if you dont get picked please do not get upset you will raid on the next ops.

And also we will have more upcoming events for the imp side guild since we have alot more ppl there but those will come in time so be patient.

For this to get it working we need everyone's help the guilds wont run without there members so i hope that everyone is willing to help the guilds get orginized so we can have fun!!

If anyone doesnt agree with this option that i made please put a comment on this message.

May The Force Be With Us!!!!!