Almost there!

Caim a posted Nov 29, 14

Shadow of Revan
launches in 2days. To get our Force senses tingling, BioWare have released a new trailer for the digital expansion. The trailer features some amazing cutscenes where it appears that players will fight alongside the game's most famous heroes including Satele and Theron Shan.

What is perhaps even more exciting is seeing how Satele and Theron deal with their long-lost-and-believed-dead ancestor. In the trailer, we see Satele Shan—Grand Master of the Jedi Order—question the legitimacy of Revan's return. Is this new foe really Revan? I'm still not convinced!

In addition to the new trailer, has again proven themselves as pure awesome by posting up new Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior combat animations for new abilities we'll be seeing in Game Update 3.0. Head over to and view these new animations for yourselves. They're damn fine!